Turnkey Project Outsourcing

Turnkey project outsourcing for complete project conceptualization, development and delivery!


Turnkey project outsourcing is a convenient and safe methodology for IT project development. It relies on domain expertise possessed by an outside vendor/partner which skills are found lacking internally within an organization.


Turnkey project development reduces all the risk of development and shifts the same on the vendor/partner responsible for project development. The entire risk of project conceptualization, design and development is

Turnkey outsourcing

borne by the vendor/partner offering such service.


Our turn key offerings include the follows:


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Development & Content Writing Services
  • Website Maintenance


Why LIT?


  • At LIT, we possess domain expertise in web design, web development, web maintenance, content development and content writing services
  • We ensure stringent quality standards in design & development
  • We exercise comprehensive web project risk management
  • We ensure round the clock communication and access across time zones
  • We guarantee the most competitive value driven pricing models


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