Sitemap Restructuring

Website restructure for engaging user experience, improved access and intuitive navigation!


Sitemap Restructure implies substantial changes to the internal structure of an information delivery system and generally goes hand in hand with website redesign. Website Restructuring presents various challenges as the procedure entails making fundamental changes to the layout, organization and content management system of the site.

Successful Restructuring needs proper planning and skillful execution such that vital assets are not lost during the process and search engine related optimization is not neglected. It is imperative to preserve contextual relevance by using suitable redirects to inbound links.

Furthermore, Sitemap Restructuring should be goal driven, need specific and carried out for the purpose of improving the user experience with the website. Simply put, the website navigation should be intuitive and interactive allowing its users to access the information they seek more quickly and easily.



Why Sitemap Restructuring?


  • For improved access and navigation
  • Superior functional performance
  • Human-centric user interface
  • Intuitive and interactive user experience


Why LIT?


  • Assist in ascertaining project objective and propose necessary course of action
  • Systematic and methodology driven process for making navigation simple and easy
  • Protect, preserve and enhance vital assets during transformation
  • Ensure user-centric interface and intuitive user experience
  • Guarantee the most competitive value driven pricing models


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