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Identify, adapt and respond!


The web is a dynamic and transient place and such is the nature of technologies which constitute this behemoth. Web access, which was once strictly a PC domain, has become a shared space with the inclusion of a range of computing devices like smart TVs, tablets and mobile phones.


Computing devices are supported by varying range of hardware, different browsing capabilities and resolutions. Early responses to such varying needs resulted in developing web-based interactivity and information delivery systems specific to each device. A question arose, to what end?


Responsive Web Design

The need for responsiveness as a whole resulted in the emergence of Responsive Web Design. Simply put, it represents an approach for crafting websites which provide an optimal viewing experience, access and navigation across a wide range of devices, input modes and browsers.


Why Responsive Web Design?


Rendering stand alone UI and device specific WebKit or information delivery system not only makes the task cumbersome but makes the development expensive. It is also observed that users are less likely to change viewing preferences and exhibit resistance to installing device specific WebKits to enhance their user experience.

Responsiveness permits fluid grids (with alternate layouts, if required), flexible imagery and typesetting with smart media queries to develop a superior and enriching user experience across all devices. Responsive Web Design is a cost effective solution even when a strong business case for individual device specific bespoke development exists. Responsiveness has become integral to Web Design!


Why LIT?


  • Top notch development professionals and highly talented design teams
  • Ensure responsiveness without compromising on functionality
  • Ensure faster loading time and provide rich user experience across various devices
  • Guarantee the most competitive prices in the Industry


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