Flash Web Design

Fast loading, affordable and compelling animation!


Although Flash usage has been declining in website development, it is by no means a redundant technology. Flash is still king when it comes to deploying immersive and highly interactive multi -media solutions.

Undoubtedly, Flash continues to be a popular platform for authoring vector graphics, games and rich internet applications. It is also the most favored program for low cost commercial animation.

Interactive media still holds a place in web design and Flash animation permits development of some of the most aesthetically pleasing, vibrant, elegant and cutting edge design and typography possible.



Why LIT?


  • Apply design-led principles for optimal presentation
  • Expertise in conceptual pre-planning and storyboard development ( particularly in motion graphics)
  • Highly skilled in converting videos to vectors to overcome inherent and system dependent bandwidth limitations.
  • Seasoned Flash animation professionals
  • Guarantee the most competitive value driven pricing models


Reach out to discuss any Flash related design or development requirements today!

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