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Changing website layout is a part of Website Redesign which deals with style and visual presentation of the constituent elements of a page. Website layout skills relate to development at both the front-end visual communication and back-end functional coding. It's a culmination of art and science to bring about desired results.

Website layout design is the foundation on which robust and dependable user experience is developed. Designing a layout can be extremely tricky when catering to unique client requirements.

Website layout


Perfecting the art of website layout design:


  • Analyzing general workflow requirements;
  • Developing clear hierarchy with a top level framework for a structured grid based UI;
  • Exploring and identifying suitable typography;
  • Test conventional thinking rationale, challenge its merit and break away from established patterns in order to improve their functional basis;
  • Adopt a detail oriented approach with due attention to each and every component;
  • Reassess, reinvent and prepare case based scenarios to combat conceptual and technical issues from implementation and development perspective;
  • Track, assist and work closely with development team for best possible results.


Why LIT?


  • Process driven conceptualization, development and implementation
  • Ensure minimalism and efficiency in conceptualization, development and implementation
  • Ensure user-centric design and user interface
  • Guarantee the most competitive value driven pricing models


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