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We understand that marketing is integral to building brands. It is critical for businesses to have web based development that is optimized from a search engine perspective. The technology should be coded or programmed in a manner which is search engine friendly and designed for success on the World Wide Web.


Neglecting development standards suited for Search Engine Optimization can make future SEO and internet marketing activities extremely challenging and costly. It is imperative for development standards to incorporate a SEO supportive architecture which compliments your marketing strategy.


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A check list for a smart SEO friendly web development ought to contain the following:


Do's Don'ts
  • Build for users
  • Do NOT delete or change the location of a page without using a 301 redirect
  • Use text in URLs
  • Keep your directory structure simple and consistent
  • Make sure pages are well interlinked
  • Use CSS to design layouts
  • Keep content body high up in the source code as much as possible
  • Create a sensible sitemap
  • Use text browser to examine your website
  • Allow search bots to crawl your sites without session IDs
  • Make sure your web server supports the If-Modified-Since HTTP header
  • Use related, sensible image and file names
  • Use an xml sitemap to feed search engines and html sitemap with links following the hierarchy created for users on your website
  • Have a useful and user friendly 404 page
  • Show '404 page not found' in case the URL has been removed
  • Not for machines
  • Don't use 302 redirects as it will not transfer your SEO efforts to a new location
  • Never use numbers in your URLs
  • Never make it complex and confusing
  • Avoid the chance of generating orphan pages
  • Avoid using tables for layouts
  • Don't jumble HTML tags and make it difficult for crawlers to read and interpret the web page
  • avoid posting non contextual links and dynamic pages in the sitemap
  • Using these techniques may result in incomplete indexing of your site, as bots may not be able to identify URLs which are same
  • Supporting this feature saves you bandwidth and overhead
  • Don't use irrelevant, confusing file & image names
  • Avoid creating sitemap with the list of links
  • Avoid inconsistent design, indexing of 404 page in search engines and vague messages on the 404 page


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