Corporate Social Responsibility


LIT is an ethical organization which seeks to embrace sustainability in all forms of business operations and management. We are aware of our responsibilities as a stakeholder in global sustainability and give ample credence to factors of social, economic and environmental concerns in our enterprise model.


We believe in a green economy and efficient environmental governance. We take the mantle in our own hands for reducing our carbon footprint and aspire to promote an inclusive growth.


We support and respects the protection of international human rights and do not indulge in any human rights abuse or engage with businesses that operate unethically.


We uphold the freedom of association and engage with our human resource to alleviate any derogatory business practices. We do not indulge in any form of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation. We are against child labor and forced employment.


We are an environmentally conscious and environmentally responsible firm. We support a preventive and precautionary approach when it comes to dealing with environmental issues.


We are against corruption in all its forms and do not indulge in bribery or any form of corrupt practices in our business.

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