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Website Redesign for modernizing, optimizing, rebranding and generating business!


In highly competitive markets, businesses must constantly evolve and innovate to survive and such is the case with Website Redesign. The need for Website Redesign is no different than innovating and upgrading for success on the World Wide Web.

A Website Redesign is warranted for many reasons yet businesses time and again fail to identify the most critical factors that should be the focus of such desired engineering. Most businesses approach Redesign with a request for improving aesthetics as a key determining factor, however most often such criteria fails at fulfilling their online business objective.

Website Redesign


Our experience has taught us that a simple and user-centric interface should be the driving force behind any proposed redesign followed by developing a cutting edge interactive user experience. Aesthetics and eye candy design should be used is a balanced manner to highlight the product or service instead of being the limelight itself.



Why Website Redesign?


  • Business expansion and adding new features
  • Improve marketability and generate leads for efficient sales
  • Rebranding through developing an engaging user experience
  • Improve visibility and increase page views in order to sell more advertizing
  • Optimize, renew and upgrade for latest web standards


Dos and Don'ts for Website Redesign:


  • Identify redesign factors and objectives
  • Obtain/establish baseline indicators and benchmarking methodology
  • Audit prior assets in order to protect their value
  • Ensure critical marketing assets prior to redesign are incorporated and promoted through the new architecture
  • Test usability during development in order to ensure a user-centeredness
  • Redesign should be equipped with tools, CMS and analytics
  • Test, optimize and measure progress against prior benchmarks


Why LIT?


  • Professionally managed redesign
  • Quality website assessment and systematic benchmarking
  • Ensure minimal loss of prior assets and develop new architecture that enhances their strength and ability to improve marketing
  • Deploy tools to measure and support lead generation and marketing strategy
  • Comprehensive support throughout development and beyond
  • Guarantee the most competitive value driven pricing models


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