Website Maintenance

Website maintenance service to keep you website in a pristine condition!


Wear and tear does not affect websites in the same manner as it causes tangible objects to deteriorate. Nonetheless, websites require timely maintenance to ensure their freshness and keep current for anticipated changes in technology.


These intranet services comprise of all activities required to ensure operational integrity and functional efficacy. In a competitive marketplace, timely and regular maintenance not only prolongs a website’s life but keeps the business sustainable.

Website maintenance


Our Website Maintenance Services include:



Why LIT?


  • We retain highly skilled content mangers for editing, writing and performing legal review of content before publication
  • We employ a dedicated team of maintenance experts who perform extensive diagnostics on the website for bugs and coding errors
  • Our communication design expert and analysts work together to respond to user queries and receive and provide timely feedback
  • We develop critical data to assess shortcomings and improve business strategy. We make functional and technical changes in a coordinated manner for seamless integration


As a technology partner, we have your best interest at heart. We ensure that your website's infrastructure is secure and it is achieving its goals.


Please feel free to reach out to discuss your website maintenance requirements!

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