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Server and data management is critical for operational efficiency. Depending on use and requirement, firms tend to choose between shared hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private network and dedicated servers for their data management.


Packaged server management tends to be prohibitive in case of dedicated servers forcing owners to undertake administration and management on their own. Server management activity ensures the health and safety of the underlying infrastructure and keeps the databases secure for much needed productivity and optimal server performance.

Server management


Largely, firms seek out third party vendors to provide professional server management on their behalf. Our server management includes both setting-up and deployment activities and regular maintenance.


Setting Up & Deployment Maintenance & Support
  1. Configuring the web server (Apache or IIS)
  2. Setting up domain(s) on it
  3. Configuring databases
  4. Installing and configuring additionalcomponents
  5. Configuring emails
  6. Configuring backup rules for automated backup
  7. Implementing SSL for encryption
  1. Regular check-up
  2. Review logs for unauthorized access
  3. Adding new email accounts
  4. Installing timely updates and patches for new vulnerabilities
  5. Port monitoring
  6. Perform backups
  7. Restoring the backups when needed
  8. Troubleshooting problems if any


Why LIT?


  • We retain professional system administrators with more than five years of experience
  • We ensure timely maintenance for maximum up-time and flawless web experience
  • We ensure high degree of transparency and accountability
  • We guarantee the most competitive value driven pricing models


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