Recruitment Process


We are an equal opportunity employer. We make recruitments on the basis of a candidate's merit and capability to undertake and efficiently perform his/her responsibilities and obligations.


Our recruitment process comprises of a four step evaluation of a candidate's capabilities before he is selected.


  1. General Assessment & Team Lead Interview
  2. Written Test
  3. Computer Test
  4. Overall Personality Evaluation


General Assessment & Team Lead Interview:


General assessment is carried out by our HR & recruitment officer, who profiles a candidate for his/her educational qualifications, relevant professional and personal history. Following the general assessment, the candidate meets with the team lead to discuss his candidacy for the job position. After a successful interview with the team lead, the candidate proceeds to the next step.


Written Test


A written test is administered to test his technical aptitude and basic understanding of fundamental concepts. The candidate must score at least 65% in the written test to qualify for the next round of evaluation.


Computer Test


If the candidate is successful in the written test, his skill is put to additional testing in a live working environment. The candidate must showcase a problem solving bent of mind in dealing with test cases and overcome technical challenges.


Overall Personality Evaluation


Having successfully completed the previous tasks, the candidate is eligible for the final interview with the management. The management interviews the candidate for his ability to work alongside a team, temperament, attitude, behavioral traits, communication skills and life goals to map his psychological bent of mind and determine whether the organization and the candidate are a good fit for each other or not.


Our evaluation process ensures that we not only discover qualified people for the job but also who share similar aspirations and goals and value growth with a work life balance.

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