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This page is dedicated to ongoing developments within the organization and industry developments relating to web development technologies. Our editorial team covers upcoming changes in new technology and publishes features, articles and press releases on events from time to time. We like to maintain a section on journalistic resources dealing with latest trends, innovations, advancements and updates made in the IT industry as well.


Lexolution IT Services (LIT) unveils Mo3dee to the World Wide Web

10 Oct 2014


Lexolution IT Services (LIT) assists Mo3dee in crafting a dominant online presence with a custom-built solution blended with user-centric design and latest web technology.

Lexolution IT Services (LIT) Aids With Rebranding Vishnupriya Jewellers’ Website

10 Jul 2014


Lexolution IT Services has rendered branding and redesign services to vishnupriyajewellers. The solution provided to this ecommerce website has a user centric design to engage users and drive revenue.

Lexolution IT introduces XolutionBook To The Web World

25 Jun 2014


Lexolution IT Services has rendered design and development services to XolutionBook. The solution focuses on delivering a user centric design coupled with latest web technology.

Lexolution IT Services (LIT) Flags Off Another Web Portal

01 Mar 2014


Lexolution IT Services Pvt. Ltd. designs and develops a business-centric website for Ayushman Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery. The architecture of the website has been structured using most efficient development tools to offer a quick and easy access of every piece of information to its prospects.

LIT Implements Classic UX/UI Design For Big Skill Box And Delivers Robust Backend Architecture

23 Dec 2013


Lexolution IT Services completed designing UX/UI and developed an intuitive and customized CMS for its client: Big Skill Box. The UX/UI is modelled for acceptability with its design focus on minimalism. Users will find it very easy to access its content and navigate the website.

Lexolution IT Introduces Monkey And Orange To The World Of Internet

13 Dec 2013


Lexolution IT Services unveils another E-commerce website: Monkey and Orange. It has a custom built architecture with an intuitive webmaster console offering an extremely secure online shopping experience.

Lexolution Proudly Presents Mediterranean Drizzles To The World Wide Web

16 Nov 2013


Lexolution IT Services unveils another custom developed E-commerce website with superior, adaptive functionality and scalable architecture. Mediterranean Drizzles is not simply about selling extra virgin Olive Oil online but introduces a new concept of personalized labelling to product packaging for all occasions.

New Website For Old South Jersey Glass & Antiques, LLC Is Now Live

26 Jul 2013


Lexolution IT Services designs and develops the website of Old South Jersey Glass & Antiques (OSJG), an online store that deals in antiques. The technologies behind the portal include popular names like Cake PHP and MySql.

Web Presence Of GSPANN Re-Wamped & Upgraded!

25 Jul 2013


Lexolution IT Services develops and designs the official website for GSPANN Technologies. Programming experts at LIT deployed high end technologies of PHP, Jquery, AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3.

Lexolution IT Redesigns 'Miracles for You'

08 Jul 2013


Lexolution IT Services makes sure 'Miraclesforyou' never loses its glamour amongst new technology trends in the market. LIT redesigns the official website for 'Miraclesforyou' so as to give it a refurbished look altogether.

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