• www.mo3dee.com.sa/en
    Lexolution IT Services introduces Mo3dee, a new age business portal for booking online appointments with local enterprises across Saudi Arabia. The website has a custom-built architecture developed using Cake PHP framework and MySQL database engine.
  • www.k12-data.com
    k12-data.com is the official website of K12 Data Inc., a data leasing firm in Denver. Lexolution IT has designed an interactive website that allow the customers to browse or customize databases for leasing. The website is developed in PHP and MYSQL as the database management system.
  • www.college-data.com
    College Data is a website that leases data of contact details of various professionals associated with colleges located all over the United States. LIT powered the website using PHP Framework ‘CodeIgnitor’ and the database was cordially supported by MySql.
  • www.centreforequitystudies.org
    Centre for Equity Studies is an independent organization involved in supporting weaker sections of the society. PHP was deployed to power the website and open source WordPress was integrated for better data management.
  • www.nationalconversationonrace.com
    NCR stands for National Conversation on Race, is a discussion forum where people carry out ethnic discussions. LIT developed the website homepage using Core PHP while forums were powered using PHP bb3.
  • www.cubana.co.uk
    Cubana.co.uk is the official website of 'Cubana', a Restro-bar in the United Kingdom. Lexolution IT Services developed a website for them to showcase information about the restaurant, features, menu and ability to book online. LIT developed a customized CMS using Php and MySQL.
  • www.jreamwriter.com
    Jreamwriter.com is a website about author's own profile, initiatives taken by her, work carried out by her and the awards, recognition and appreciation she has earned on international level in these years. LIT designed and developed this website using PHP in MySQL and is backed with tools for the author to manage and update the content of various sections and pages of the website.
  • www.nightmyworld.com
    NightMyWorld.com is one-of-a-kind online nightlife party destination platform featuring latest music form best deejays and the most happening clubs, bars and party venues of the major cities of the world. The pixel perfect website was designed and developed by LIT professionals, using cutting edge technologies and robust web solutions. The user interface which is eye-catchy as well as innovative was developed in PHP with MySQL as back end.
  • www.247talent.co.uk
    247Talent.co.uk is an online artists database. The website provides tools for artists to list their profiles and portfolios there, which can be searched & browsed by the production companies. The website gives production companies the ability to search the database and contact website to hire artists. Lexolution IT Services developed this website using the scripting platform of PHP, HTML and AJAX. Website's database server is backed with MYSQL.
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