• www.mo3dee.com.sa/en
    Lexolution IT Services introduces Mo3dee, a new age business portal for booking online appointments with local enterprises across Saudi Arabia. The website has a custom-built architecture developed using Cake PHP framework and MySQL database engine.
  • www.mediterraneandrizzles.com
    Lexolution IT Services designed and developed a custom E-Commerce portal: Mediterranean Drizzles. This E-commerce portal is backed by a scalable architecture and a CMS with intuitive and adaptive functionality.
  • www.monkeyandorange.com
    Lexolution IT Services has designed and developed an intuitive E-commerce portal for Monkey and Orange. This portal has interactive, user-friendly architecture and adaptive functionality to provide superior user experience.
  • www.bigskillbox.com
    Lexolution IT Services designs and develops Big Skill Box. Big skill Box’s front end aesthetics and intuitiveness is fully matched with a custom-built Content Management System. This CMS is powered with PHP and MySQL database with the promise of delivering unmatched quality in user centricity and performance.
  • www.oldsouthjerseyglass.com
    Old South Jersey Glass & Antiques (OSJG) is an online platform for antique lovers to purchase South Jersey glass antiques. LIT used CakePHP to develop the website and designed a vintage design keeping in mind the nature of merchandise website is offering to sell.
  • www.gspann.com
    LIT has designed an intuitive website to create a prominent presence of the company on WWW, the design is made responsive to adjust itself self to fit on various screen resolutions. LIT developed a custom CMS in core PHP with MySql for webmaster to manage frequntly changing sections of the website.
  • www.ayils.com
    LIT introduces another website: www.ayils.com. The website has been designed for Ayushman Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery to provide them an ideal platform for reaching out to its prospects and serve their requirements.
  • www.vishnupriyajewellers.com
    Lexolution IT Services assists Vishnupriyajewellers rebrand their vision for an ecommerce storefront. This website is custom designed and coded with latest Cake PHP technology and MySQL frameworks to deliver superior results.
  • www.urbanpractice.com.au
    Urban Practice is an online platform offering full-range of accounting & financial services. LIT has deployed it using it's custom made CMS solution, which is developed using PHP's framework CakePHP and is backed with MySQL as the database engine.
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