• www.mo3dee.com.sa/en
    Lexolution IT Services introduces Mo3dee, a new age business portal for booking online appointments with local enterprises across Saudi Arabia. The website has a custom-built architecture developed using Cake PHP framework and MySQL database engine.
  • www.k12-data.com
    k12-data.com is the official website of K12 Data Inc., a data leasing firm in Denver. Lexolution IT has designed an interactive website that allow the customers to browse or customize databases for leasing. The website is developed in PHP and MYSQL as the database management system.
  • www.college-data.com
    College Data is a website that leases data of contact details of various professionals associated with colleges located all over the United States. LIT powered the website using PHP Framework ‘CodeIgnitor’ and the database was cordially supported by MySql.
  • www.edlights.com
    'EdLights' is a market intelligence platform that offers custom insight into K12 education data market. LIT powered the website using PHP framework 'CodeIgnitor' and the database was efficiently managed using platforms of 'MySql' and 'MS Sql'.
  • www.socialspender.com
    Social Spender is a realty portal wherein users connect and redeem discount/reward points earned. LIT deployed PHP Framework ‘CodeIgnitor’ to power the website whereas the database was cordially supported using MySql.
  • www.nbppl.in
    NBPPL stands for “NTPC BHEL Power Projects Private Limited”, is a joint venture between NTPC and BHEL. This website re-designed by Lexolution IT Services, provides all details about the firm's projects. The website is backed with a custom CMS that can assist the webmaster in managing the content. PHP's framework CodeIgnitor and MYSQL have been deployed in the website.
  • www.tjygcpinc.org
    Lexolution IT services has developed the website for TJYGCP using PHP framework 'Code ignitor' backed MySQL as database and password protected console for the webmaster to maintained the website.
  • www.atomoptions.ae
    Atom Option Computers LLC, is a firm dealing in varied computing hardware supplies and server-based services of maintenance and computing. PHP Framework CodeIgnitor was used with MySQL for database for deploying the website. The website was enables with flash for better appeal and animation.
  • www.astroasha.com
    'Astro Asha' website is the concept of Jyotish Acharya, Dr. K Ramakrishnan. Lexolution IT Services altered the form pages to perfection and deployed a customized CMS for better data management on the website.
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