• www.k12-data.com
    k12-data.com is the official website of K12 Data Inc., a data leasing firm in Denver. Lexolution IT has designed an interactive website that allow the customers to browse or customize databases for leasing. The website is developed in PHP and MYSQL as the database management system.
  • www.mediterraneandrizzles.com
    Lexolution IT Services designed and developed a custom E-Commerce portal: Mediterranean Drizzles. This E-commerce portal is backed by a scalable architecture and a CMS with intuitive and adaptive functionality.
  • www.monkeyandorange.com
    Lexolution IT Services has designed and developed an intuitive E-commerce portal for Monkey and Orange. This portal has interactive, user-friendly architecture and adaptive functionality to provide superior user experience.
  • www.college-data.com
    College Data is a website that leases data of contact details of various professionals associated with colleges located all over the United States. LIT powered the website using PHP Framework ‘CodeIgnitor’ and the database was cordially supported by MySql.
  • www.edlights.com
    'EdLights' is a market intelligence platform that offers custom insight into K12 education data market. LIT powered the website using PHP framework 'CodeIgnitor' and the database was efficiently managed using platforms of 'MySql' and 'MS Sql'.
  • www.vishnupriyajewellers.com
    Lexolution IT Services assists Vishnupriyajewellers rebrand their vision for an ecommerce storefront. This website is custom designed and coded with latest Cake PHP technology and MySQL frameworks to deliver superior results.
  • www.weddingdressboutique.com.au
    weddingdressboutique.com.au is the official website of Wedding Dress Boutique, a firm based in Australia that deals with wedding dresses. Lexolution IT Services deployed the website by customizing the open source e-commerce platform Magento that offers a fulfilling buying experience to customer and easy management of the store for webmaster.
  • www.circlelenses.com.au
    circlelenses.com.au is an Australia based e-commerce portal and is also one of the largest distributor for GEO Medical Inc. circle lenses. Lexolution IT Services designed this website by deploying open source e-commerce platform ‘Magento' that ensures smooth website management for a webmaster.
  • www.tokyowink.com
    tokyowink.com is an online store that sells high quality false eyelashes. Lexolution IT Services designed the website using the e-commerce platform of 'Magento' to ensure hassle free website management by a Web Master.
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