• www.planeclaim.com
    'Planeclaim' is a blog wherein a user can share their experience of getting claim for his/her compensation on flights delayed, cancelled or overbooked. Plus offers users the ability to buy documents ready to use for filling a claim. Web professionals at LIT powered the website using ‘Zend’, whereas the back-end was cordially managed using MySql.
  • www.skincareheavenblog.com
    Skin Care Heaven is a blog that offers information on skin care techniques, issues and remedies. Lexolution IT Services designed and deployed the website by deploying PHP and MYSQL.
  • www.pittheus.com/blog
    Pittheus Business Consulting is a consultation firm that provides business solutions and import/export consulting services to business enterprises. LeXolution IT Services custom designed and developed the website by deploying Core PHP and MYSQL.
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