• www.planeclaim.com
    'Planeclaim' is a blog wherein a user can share their experience of getting claim for his/her compensation on flights delayed, cancelled or overbooked. Plus offers users the ability to buy documents ready to use for filling a claim. Web professionals at LIT powered the website using ‘Zend’, whereas the back-end was cordially managed using MySql.
  • www.lexolutionconsulting.com
    lexolutionconsulting.com is the official website of Lexolution Consulting LLP, a legal advisory firm in India that integrates latest IT technology resources to offer top class risk management services. Lexolution IT Services designed this website using open source CMS 'WordPress' for easy website management by webmaster.
  • www.januslawgroup.com
    Janus Law Group is US based law firm rendering world-class legal services to industries like Aerospace, Insurance, Laser Technology, Electronics etc. in variegated areas such as Intellectual Property, Estate Planning, Asset Protection and many more. LIT services has developed the website using HTML technology that showcases the services this law firm offers.
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