• www.xolutionbook.com
    Lexolution IT Services unveils an educational web portal: XolutionBook, a custom-built architecture backed with latest Cake PHP technology and MySQL frameworks to deliver superior results.
  • www.iwantobe.com
    IWTB is an online community of students, educational counselors and industry professionals. The website is based on the concept of providing students more information about various industry sectors, advice from education counselors and professional experiences and help them chose a right career path. LIT has designed and developed this website, apart from tools for users of the website to interact with each other there is a strong webmaster’s console that is developed to assist webmaster in managing & operating the website.
  • www.investix.co.uk
    Investix is a research firm offering financial reports on markets. LIT designed and developed the website using PHP and MYSQL. A custom CMS was also offered for better data management.
  • www.beemyteacher.com
    BeMyTeacher is an information database where one can get information on teachers based on their locality and region. Lexolution IT Services carried maintenance activities on the website to revitalize the website functionality.
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