• www.urbanpractice.com.au
    Urban Practice is an online platform offering full-range of accounting & financial services. LIT has deployed it using it's custom made CMS solution, which is developed using PHP's framework CakePHP and is backed with MySQL as the database engine.
  • www.ajaxserv.com
    Ajax Serve offers corporate solutions for domains like marketing and management. Lexolution IT Services designed the website and offered open source CMS of WordPress for hassle free website data management.
  • www.pittheus.com
    Pittheus Business Consulting is a renowned consulting firm based in Greece that provides business solutions, marketing services and import/export consulting services to small and medium enterprises. LeXolution has designed and developed their website and incorporated a range of CMS tools that makes the maintenance procedure simple and hassle free.
  • www.pittheus.com/blog
    Pittheus Business Consulting is a consultation firm that provides business solutions and import/export consulting services to business enterprises. LeXolution IT Services custom designed and developed the website by deploying Core PHP and MYSQL.
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