Our Approach


Our approach is devised with the objective of offering world-class technology solutions and having long-term relationship with our clients. To accomplish this, we focus on delivering innovative and technologically sound solutions, which provides distinct competitive advantage to our clients’ businesses.

The acronym ‘RCUPS’ defines our core methodology that allows us to accomplish our objectives and seamlessly deliver robust, secure and well tested applications: -


R - Requirement Understanding
C - Conceptualization
         SRS (Software Requirement Specifications)
         Module Split-ups
         Development Time Plan
U - User Interface Design
P - Programming
S - Software Release
         Alpha [On our test server]         
         Beta [On our live server]
         Final Launch

We understand the importance of effective and efficient communication in relation to project management. Therefore, in order to facilitate effective communication, our single point contact/project coordinator is accessible through various modes of communication to assist our clients with their requirements:-



As part of the production process, we appoint a dedicated team and allocate one single project to it at any given point of time allowing it to focus on a single production with an eye for detail. Every project is distinct, so are the processes being automated for it and hence the need for a clear production oriented approach.

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