IBM Collaborates With Google and Others over Microprocessor Design

07 Aug 2013


Tech giant IBM will be licensing power microprocessor architecture designs for other firms including Google. The recent effort by IBM will not only expand the architectural deployment but will also assist the firm in reversing the recent decline of its hardware business to a great extent. The two popular vendors along with others are forming an ‘OpenPower Consortium’ that will enable the installation of this new chip design to upcoming products.

Touch Enabled Chrome in Testing Phase

06 Aug 2013


Search engine firm ‘Google’ never fails to surprise you with its innovative approach and forecasting abilities. At present the firm is testing new touch feature in its popular web browser ‘Chrome’, which would include slide to navigate, left & right swipe and even pinch to zoom feature. These moves will surely establish Chrome as a hot favorite among smart device users, especially among the users of the newly launched ‘Chromebook Pixel’.

WordPress 3.6 Arrives With a Bang

03 Aug 2013


WordPress community rejoiced as the release of the much awaited version 3.6 was announced. The latest offering has been announced with an all new blog-centric theme and a refurbished revision browser. The advancements introduced in the latest version include new ‘Twenty Thirteen’ theme that highlights content, new Revision feature allows you to see even the minute changes made at what time, Autosave feature along with Post Locking, built-in HTML 5 media player and a simplified ‘Menu Editor’.

Firefox OS Enters South America

02 Aug 2013


Europeans were the first lucky bunch to lay their hands on the much awaited ‘Firefox OS’ and a close second to join them would be the south African countries of ‘Columbia’ and ‘Venezuela’. The excitement that surrounds the release of the brand new operating system from Mozilla can be felt among the fans. However, will the operating system be able to challenge the likes of iOS and Android depends on its initial reception.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview Out

31 Jul 2013


Tech firm Microsoft recently announced the release of the much awaited Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview. The latest offering boasts of improved features like security, additional mobility and improved virtualization features for businesses. In addition to that Microsoft has also confirmed that the lifecycle support policy for Windows 8.1 will be same as Windows 8.

Rhythmia Mapping System automates 3D mapping

30 Jul 2013


The latest discovery in medical science is more of a much required boost that technology needed for a very long time. With this new device ‘cardiac ablation’ will be a thing of the past and hopefully irregular heartbeats will be detected with ease. The new system named ‘Rhythmia Mapping System’ translates heart rhythms into a 3D map of the pumping heart.

PHP Virtual Machine by Facebook

29 Jul 2013


Social media giant ‘Facebook’ has bid adieu to its formality of translating PHP into C++ and is instead promoting the dynamic generation of byte-code for the server. This step adds to the already vibrant popularity of the programming language, by making it a much faster medium. The recent development in the form of a PHP Virtual machine, which the social media firm believes is capable of executing the language nine times quicker than before.

IE11 Developer’s Edition Out

26 Jul 2013


The latest release of Internet Explorer Version 11 Developer’s edition for Windows 7 is not something unexpected by the tech firm who is also in plans to release the consumer version as well. With this update, Microsoft is providing developers the opportunity to cross-check whether their respective websites is able to operate in Internet Explorer and also on touch screen platform of Windows 8.

Nvidia Introduces Graphic Core Technology

25 Jul 2013


Tech firm Nvidia foresees reality altering next generation technology in its smartphones and tablets equipped with Kepler graphic cores. The firm’s next offering in the form of ‘Tegra 5’ mobile chips will for sure have features that will be capable of managing these reality augmenting features. Looks like science fiction is slowly entering real platforms with modern firms experimenting a lot with virtual reality.

Wireless Flash Drive capable of 64 GB Data Storage

24 Jul 2013


That’s right! SanDisk has unleashed a new range of flash drives that are capable of storing upto five high definition movies in a single go. Seems unbelievable to many but these are a new breed of wireless hard drives launched by San Disk with a storage capability of 64 GB. We believe technology is unveiling a new level of data storage with many surprising additions to enter the market soon. This new product range includes Connect Wireless Media Drive and a comparatively smaller Connect Wireless Flash Drive (Thumb Drive).

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