Web Development FAQ's

Can you explain Web Development to me?

What is the difference between static or dynamic website?

A static website is all HTML and nothing else, wherein every web page is a separate document with no external file or database to draw upon. This makes editing these types of websites much time consuming as a developer has to go into individual web page to edit the HTML. Static websites do not offer any interactivity or any tools for functionality.


Dynamic websites are much complex codes like PHP or .NET, which offers much better functionality. Dynamic websites have their own information database using which each web page is generated. Major benefit of a dynamic website is that of a Content Management System that allows a web master to make changes or updates much easily, even if he is not having any technical knowledge of HTML or any other programming language. Some major benefits of Dynamic websites include easy data management, reduced maintenance cost and future improvements are much easier.

Do you deliver W3C validated website?

What is AJAX?

Why don't you use FrontPage?

What products do you use to develop Web sites?

What would you suggest? Custom development or Open Source Systems?

Do I get a dedicated programmer for my site or a team instead?

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