Web Development FAQ's

Can you explain Web Development to me?

What is the difference between static or dynamic website?

Do you deliver W3C validated website?

What is AJAX?

Why don't you use FrontPage?

The reason that we don't use FrontPage is because it generates a lot of HTML code that is only recognized by the Internet Explorer browser. That means that a site built with FrontPage will often display beautifully in Internet Explorer (as both FrontPage and Internet Explorer are owned by Microsoft), but will be a jumbled, unreadable mess in Firefox, Netscape or Opera browser. Just the word "hello" when created in Word or FrontPage will create over 100 lines of code - when coded by an expert - you will only have about 5 lines of code.

We believe that cross-browser compatibility is important and we design Web sites so that they can be viewed properly, and work as intended in Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera or any other browser used for the purpose.

What products do you use to develop Web sites?

What would you suggest? Custom development or Open Source Systems?

Do I get a dedicated programmer for my site or a team instead?

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