Web Development FAQ's

Can you explain Web Development to me?

What is the difference between static or dynamic website?

Do you deliver W3C validated website?

What is AJAX?

Why don't you use FrontPage?

What products do you use to develop Web sites?

For Web publishing, we use several tools to write the code of the website.  This is decided based on the technical requirements of the type of website. We have trained and experienced workers who have been time tested for flawless and efficient coding skills. Our code is thus, clean, table less, strictly validated by the W3c.

For Web graphics, we use both Jasc's Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop because they provide clear, compressed graphics that load fast so as not to keep your visitors waiting. Some other products that we use include Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Flash. However we keep updating our skills and technical tools used as per the industry standards, customer needs and state-of art.

What would you suggest? Custom development or Open Source Systems?

Do I get a dedicated programmer for my site or a team instead?

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