Web Design FAQ's

What all-Industrial sectors do you cater to?

Do you have any prior experience of building a website like mine?

Can you utilize my existing Brochure and Business logo for my website?

I have a low budget. Can something be done about that?

Can you use specific graphics I have in my website design?

What are Simple designs? Can you please explain them to me?

To whom do I need to entrust the maintenance work of my website?

 With LIT by your side, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Website maintenance is one of our specialties and one of our web design offerings. However, we will also be equipping you with the necessary tools that will assist you in making minor changes to the website, without any technical assistance. 

What type of sites do you design?

I want you to design my website, what are the steps towards it?

Can you only design user interface for my website/web application?

Can you click photographs to be used for my website?

What will you need to design my website?

Can we use our existing logos, style etc.?

Do I need a prototype before designing my website?

Do you use templates?

Can my website get a ‘Splash Page’ or ‘Entry Page’ before a Home Page?

Post the allotted revisions, how will I be able to make changes in my website?

How much time will you take to complete the design of my website?

Will you be providing me with design options?

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