Web Design FAQ's

What all-Industrial sectors do you cater to?

Taking a short tour of our massive web design portfolio will offer you a deep insight into the varied sectors that we have covered till date. Or Just drop us a message with your requirements and our consultants will get back to you shortly!  

Do you have any prior experience of building a website like mine?

Can you utilize my existing Brochure and Business logo for my website?

I have a low budget. Can something be done about that?

Can you use specific graphics I have in my website design?

What are Simple designs? Can you please explain them to me?

To whom do I need to entrust the maintenance work of my website?

What type of sites do you design?

I want you to design my website, what are the steps towards it?

Can you only design user interface for my website/web application?

Can you click photographs to be used for my website?

What will you need to design my website?

Can we use our existing logos, style etc.?

Do I need a prototype before designing my website?

Do you use templates?

Can my website get a ‘Splash Page’ or ‘Entry Page’ before a Home Page?

Post the allotted revisions, how will I be able to make changes in my website?

How much time will you take to complete the design of my website?

Will you be providing me with design options?

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