Offshore Outsourcing FAQ's

We are quite satisfied with your approach and project management strategies but can we work on a pilot project, which is yet to take off?

Will we be updated about the project progress on a regular basis?

Quality tops my priority list! How do you assure quality in working?

Do I get some sort of security or guarantee from your side?

How much do you normally charge on offshore projects?

How should we start things off?

What about the negative vibes those go around Offshore Outsourcing?

Haters keep talking, fools keep spreading and needy people often end up as losers!

Isn’t that a fact? Those who have actually experienced the benefits of Offshore Outsourcing will always be in favor of the medium, as depicted clearly by our massive portfolio of satisfied clients. We agree that there are many misconceptions associated with the field but one should keep in mind that they are mere misleading misconceptions after all! Here is how you can stay assured that negative vibes don’t affect you:

Discuss among your peers about how Offshore outsourcing can help you, why you should go for it and why you should not?
Include your peers in our formal discussions so that we are able to successfully clear their doubts and also put an end to the misconceptions around you.
Present the progress reports and share them with the peers. To let them know the fruitfulness of your sound offshore outsourcing decision.

How do we better our Offshore Business Relations?

How do I discuss my project and related modification with you?

How do you manage your overseas clients? What are the advantages of Offshore Outsourcing?

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