Offshore Outsourcing FAQ's

We are quite satisfied with your approach and project management strategies but can we work on a pilot project, which is yet to take off?

Will we be updated about the project progress on a regular basis?

Quality tops my priority list! How do you assure quality in working?

Do I get some sort of security or guarantee from your side?

How much do you normally charge on offshore projects?

How should we start things off?

What about the negative vibes those go around Offshore Outsourcing?

How do we better our Offshore Business Relations?

How do I discuss my project and related modification with you?

How do you manage your overseas clients? What are the advantages of Offshore Outsourcing?

Irrespective of our client’s geographical location, we promise to offer:

Single reporting window with a professional, who will be the primary point of contact till project completion.
Transparent, flexible, dynamic and strategized work approach
Timely project reporting with day-to-day progress
Dedicated resources with technical and communicational expertise
Passive/practical thinking with decision taking ability

When we manage your work, you save:

Production cost
No work related headaches as we are there to handle the pressure

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