Dedicated Team

Dedicated team for all your IT project requirements!

A dedicated team model of engagement is viable business decision for long term project. It is also a value proposition when project does not have a specified duration and its implementation a tall order. In such cases, a dedicated team enables the enterprise to deploy resources at will and in such manner it deems fit.


We retain web design, web developers, project managers, web and software consultants, network managers, etc. and make the desired skill set available as a dedicated resource at your disposal for a fixed monthly cost.

Dedicated team


Why dedicated Team?


  • It is an extremely simple model to execute with flexibility
  • It allows a client to estimate his cost of development
  • It permits the client to work closely with a team and exercise complete control over the project and redirect resources in such manner he feel necessary in order to implement a project
  • It permits knowledge retention and process replication for the future
  • It a low risk approach in project implementation
  • It saves the headache of finding, recruiting and managing human resource


Why LIT?


  • Provide experienced and skilled resource
  • Provide state of the art infrastructure to house the team
  • Manage and implement project on established parameters and approved methodology
  • Ensure effective communication and quality support
  • Guarantee the most competitive value driven pricing
  • Guarantee the most competitive value driven pricing
  • Ensure complete transfer of intellectual property to the client


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