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Romeo texts Juliet on the Friends and Family Plan:-


Romeo: sup J?


Juliet: Super!! n u?


Romeo: chilin, babz. Wanna hang tonite?


Juliet: nah, kinda unwell, I'll stay in, CYL... ... ..


Benvolio gets an SMS in next 2 minutes. "Shadows have lifted and the moon shines for you. Make haste before the tides dissipate." Love Juliet.

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How would you feel about Romeo’s love for Juliet had it not been so eloquently worded by Shakespeare? What is the strength of love if not expressed as such? How would love blossom had Shakespeare not rendered the dark nights lit by moonlight and set the stage for love and passion to burn bright?


Content Development is no different. It employs techniques of communication design. It makes use of textual, visual or aural content to elicit a positive emotion and make a favorable impact on the audience with the objective of building brand value and target increased sales.


One peculiarly strong requirement is compelling and pursuasive writing which lays the foundation for developing the asset value of a product or service. Great revolutions were led by powerful words building powerful people and grand nations in the process.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of copywriting and content development in marketing a product or service across all mediums of information delivery.


Why LIT?


  • We rely on extensive research and problem solving techniques
  • We rely on original writing, original content development and presentation
  • We are mad perfectionists that write in simple language and keep narratives interesting and articulate
  • We do not make mistakes: contextual, grammatical or otherwise
  • We guarantee the most competitive value drive pricing


Please feel free to tap into our intellectual pool of copywriters and content development experts. We are always keen to help you!

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