Tulalip, A Social/Search Platform By Microsoft

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Hi Friends!


Now you must be enjoying networking on Google Plus, launched few weeks back. But what if I say that you've got another amazing platform to discover? You must be cursing me for not revealing it.


Well, the overwhelming news is after Facebook, Google Plus, now we'll find Microsoft widening its stance on WWW. With its hybrid search and social networking service, named 'Tulalip', Microsoft has plans of giving a tough competition to other two social platforms.


Tulalip, an Interesting Concept


Many of you might be wondering about the name, Tulalip. What does it mean, and how it has been produced? Strangely, Tulalip is the name of a Native American tribe in Washington, Headquarters of Microsoft.


Isn't it intriguing?Seems like Microsoft has worked a lot when it comes to choosing a wacky name for its social platform.


Another bewildering thing I discovered is Microsoft has acquired socl.com, a four-letter domain name. And Tulalip sits over socl.com as of now, a domain owned by Microsoft. Tulalip displays a welcome message that says-


''With Tulalip you can Find what you need and Share what you know easier than ever.''

The detrimental news is it is not operational. There is just a non-functioning search box available at the top of the page , with a button, OPEN. Besides this, you'll find other non-working links with a title- 'See how it works' followed by links saying, 'Privacy Statement' and 'Terms of Service'.


Facebook, Twitter in Tulalip


Users will find sign-in buttons for Facebook and Twitter in Tulalip. However, the Twitter authorization page declares Tulalip to be just an 'experimental application' by Microsoft. But this testing application will allow users to update their profiles and post tweets, says Twitter. While the connect button for Facebook is not working and its hard to says what access Tulalip will provide to Facebook account holders.


It is evident that this is an initiative by software leader to stay equally competitive and not to be beaten by business horses for any reason. Surprisingly, it is not cleared whether it is an experiment or a part of Microsoft's clever gambit.


So keep enjoying Google Plus, till the time I share with you the strategy Microsoft has not revealed behind its designing of Tulalip project.


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