Things Need To Be Considered While Designing Industry Specific Website

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Clients ask us to create websites with “WOW” factor. This “WOW” factor can mean different for different people. Often, clients from different businesses approach us with different ideas, but implementing those ideas just doesn't create a website with a WOW factor. There are various other elements that make a website to stand apart in a crowd. Though the philosophy of designing every website is same, but it takes a different approach while dealing with a website of a specific industry.

Before designing for a particular business, it's very essential to determine the business goal and what you want to achieve with the website. As an example, an online clothing store can't be same as of a hospitality website. Therefore, without considering key areas you can't accomplish the goal of business specific web designing. The key areas being:

The purpose of your website and
The target audience

As stated above, let's start with what all is required to design an industry specific website:

The Purpose Of Your Website

The first step is to define the “Goal” of a website in relation to the requirements of the business involved. A goal of a website could be anything from selling products online to interaction with other members of the website. Or, it could only be to create your web presence online. Once you are done with it, deciding on certain factors like what users expect from your site, won't be difficult.

The Target Audience

In order to meet the goals of a website, designer must understand who are the potential users of a website. Only after defining target audience in terms of age, gender, interest and demography, one can decide on a style of a website. In addition to this, it's important to define actions required by site visitors to meet the goal.

If you haven't considered it yet, then it's time to check these things: -

Establishing User Centric Design

Once you have formulated the goals and functional requirements for the website, it's time to start picturing the site in regards to structure and usability. Usability is the main aspect of user-centric design. Most of the users don't really read the web pages, they scan website for a particular piece of information. Thus, USEFULNESS and USABILITY are very important for the success of any website.

* Make navigational mediums highly visible so that users can easily find what they are looking for.
* Users need to find information quickly and easily, thus make it easily accessible.
* Screen elements should be meaningful and consistent throughout the site.
* Users often reported feeling lost, hence links should be descriptive enough to let users predict what they will find.

Design Fundamentals

The visual design of the interface plays an important role in communicating information to your users. As you develop your website, ensure the following strategies:

* Create pages that are of interest to your users in a simple yet impressive manner
* Use illustrations that send client's message across effectively
* Group related elements close to each other so that users can associate with the elements and don't feel lost
* Use colors that can engage users rather distract them from your website.

Our interpretation of a “WOW” factor in a website which is simple, clean and easy to use while sending business message across in an effective manner.

By Maneet Puri


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