The magical 8 ball: shooting the rack in search of a cue!

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Lexolution IT Services Completes 8years of success



Not knowing, we wander in search of answers. Not knowing, we hold hands, keep our faith and believe one day at a time.


This day is special as we complete eight years as a small but strong enterprise known to our patrons as LIT short for Lexolution IT Services. To those who understand the sport of pool, we have managed to clear the frame and have just gutted the elusive eight ball to claim our footing. To those who fancy the Magic 8 ball, we have some of the answers to questions you have about new media.


We are not just a business but a family bound by our genuine love for everything information technology has to offer and how it is changing the world and connecting lives.


Looking back, these eight years have been have not been a cakewalk. We have had our fair share of ups and downs and twists and turns but what mattered in the end was that we weren't kept down but had the courage to fight back and rise up to the occasion. All this was made possible on account of the hard work of our young brethren some of which still fight strong with us and some young architects who parted ways. To all of you, this day marks the celebration of your contribution that makes us who we are today. We owe our modest success to all of you and your work will live with us as long as we live to fight the good fight.


Today, we are less frightened and lesser constrained; our shining confidence is not afraid to get wet in the rain no matter how hard it pours or even if it brings down the sky.


We are also thankful to our patrons/customers for trusting us with their digital needs.


We are LIT proud!


Maneet Puri


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