Labs And Directory Chucked Out By Google

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Did you hear about Google winding down its experimental labs?Yeah, you heard it right. Recently Google shared its impeding plans of shutting down Google Labs with a mission to streamline its product portfolio while directing efforts towards impending opportunities.


We all know that Google Labs facilitated users to try product prototypes while they're in their initial stages, whether it is launched or not. Such a change has been suggested by Larry Page, new CEO of Google who shared that company is eliminating all those Lab products that haven't done well among users like Google Health as well as Google PowerMeter(removed in June). Strangely, there is no date decided for Google Labs freezing.


Many of you might be wondering about the products that are already in operating and performing well. For this Google said:


'In many cases, this will mean ending Labs experiments — in others we’ll incorporate Labs products and technologies into different product areas. And many of the Labs products that are Android apps today will continue to be available on Android Market'


Google Correlate and Google Squared are among the products that are still found in Labs. In addition other specific products like Gmail Labs, Search Experiments and Google Maps Labs won't get affected by the decision.


Google Directory

Don't know where this decision will take Google. Another surprising news is for its Google Directory, Google has been thinking on the similar lines. It was during the year 2008 that Google chucked out directory links from its Webmaster Tools and also removed the search box from the directory. But today, Google has eliminated this service all together from Google Directory today.


Whenever a user will jump to , they'll be notified with a statement, “Google Directory is no longer available.” Such a decision is made due to the fact that it was hardly used by searchers.


Though the news is surprising, but may be Google has thought something better which we'll know as the time will progress.


Stay tuned for more. Do share your comments with us.


By Maneet Puri


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