Information Architecture: The Backbone of your Website

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Information Architecture

Over the course of seven years of operations, we have advised countless number of clients in setting up a web presence and the ‘how to’ begins with having a clearly outlined information architecture.


Information architecture of a website is one of the foremost objects that lay the foundation for flow of information and accessibility. This seemingly inconsequential object is as important for a website’s success as any other. Seeing how often we neglect to give weight to a having a structured and clearly outlined information architecture, we feel obligated to share some insights into the topic.

Promoters planning for a website should give careful consideration to the following:


A website’s primary navigation and the web links comprising the hierarchy and canonical order of an information delivery system.

Web pages

Web links with suitable names, their sequence, order and secondary navigation.


Multiple menu or multiple menu calls

It can be simply understood as he duality of navigation objects and pages. These help set up multiple means of navigation to enhance usability.

Content structure and user flow

Content is purposeful. Its object is to help a user obtain requisite information and lead him/her further to take necessary action.

The web is comprised of 60 Trillion+ individual pages and it seems like a good strategy to have a fair number of quality web links, e.g. a legal practice firm would benefit tremendously if it were to create individual pages for each practice area instead of simply having covered them broadly on a single page or a combination of practice areas. Quality web links have a fair likelihood of acquiring authority in a shorter span of time.

It is not enough to just have a phenomenal website with quality web links but equally important to be found on this mammoth we call the internet.

Give enough thought and consideration to your information architecture and discuss it at length with your project coordinator at the planning stage to build a foundation for success.


By Maneet Puri


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