Increasing Role Of Big Data Technology

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Data or knowledge in this world is multiplying at a tremendous and unimaginable rate. Although this may be a reason for joy, but the means to keep this enormous amount of data safe and secure still remains a mystery. This explosion of data all round the corporate communities lead to the birth of 'Big Data' technology that we have today. Communities that deal with supercomputing environments stand out to be the early adapters of big data technology, which is why their data stands out to be the safest ones. Today, Big Data has out grown its own contemporary image and established priority on niche sources such as consumer data, social data, machine data, transactional data, financial data and many more. This Blog would be about the reason why Big Data will make it big in the future and cover any scope whether this can be replaced by any other technology!   

“Big Data as a revolution”



From my research so far, I believe ‘Big data’ to be a revolution that is gradually spreading in vectors throughout sectors like academic world, government, corporate and even daily life. When it comes to information technology, Big Data is considered to be the collection of massive and multifaceted data sets that cannot be easily processed through common database processing tools or data management applications. We all have to agree on the fact that data is the lifeline of every management and we cannot expect data to decrease with time, which is why the mode by which we manage data changes with time and technology. The technology being naïve still holds some shortcomings such as duration, sharing, search, capture and even visual.     

It is this ever-increasing nature of data, which makes Big Data an inevitable truth of modernization. However, Big Data might not an easy fish to catch with its relativity being difficult with relational databases, visualization packages and desktop statistics. On the otherhand, if you have capable tens or thousands of servers with massive parallel software then, you have the chance for the very best implementation of ‘Big Data’ technology in your organization.      

“Big Data in Enterprise architecture"

With time, I am sure the big data technology will be maturing enough to be positioned in the enterprise architecture itself. However, as an advice the best thing to do will be to shift focus from cost of an asset to the importance of business data concerning the cost. Minus the cost of implementing Big Data, I see great future for the latest data driven technology


By Maneet Puri


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