Google Chrome OS Laptops Launched

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Hi Friends!


Its been long that Google is working on its new mechanism of emerging a Powerful Internet Giant. And its after two and a half years that announcement of Google Chrome OS is made. Chromebook computers by Google are hitting the big stores now. Supercool!


But the thing to ponder is that whether the consumer's will embrace it or not?


Chromebooks Arrival at Web Base


It was in November, 2009 that Google took the wraps off its intelligent plans of launching a new computer operating system, Chrome OS. Just after a year and a month later in December, 2010, the Internet leader made available the Chrome OS laptops, though in a sparse amount through a program conducted for early adopters in particular.


Irrespective of the ready, polished consumer versions, 'Chromebooks' were not available for the purchases except the limited special offer through Gilt , this month till now. In a Google I/O conference held last month, Google said its Chromebooks will be rolled-out for purchase from June, 15, 2011. Though the Chromebooks have already arrived officially in the blog post; however, the purchases are open just through big online platforms, Amazon and Best Buy.


ChromeBooks at Amazon


Strangely, the big e-commerce platform is not yet ready to provide all the versions of Chromebooks. It has a great landing page wherein it displays the Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer. Out of the 6 models that Amazon lists, there is only one Samsung Series 5 3G version that is up for sale. The laptop with lowest price costs $379 which is already $20 more than what Acer declared previous month.


Acer has made confirmations to Computerworld regarding the delay of its shipment date. And the original price my drop down to $349.


I think this is the right time to make more money..;)


Chromebooks at Best Buy


At Best Buy, its only Samsung. Best Buy has a landing page that displayed 2 out of the 4 laptop models that are available for consumer-buying. Samsung Chromebooks are available in only white color.
The laptop with higher price provides the 3G connectivity while the basic wi-fi version is cheaper. For the details and other important features, you can check out the fine print.


Will these Chromebooks create expected furore?


The consumers have to wait for the low-tagged Acer Chromebook models. Nevertheless, the desperate ones can try it out at Best Buy and Amazon.


Unsurprisingly, there are many reviews so far and none of them is positive.


Chromebooks are dear when compared to a normal lappy offering all that Chrome OS renders. And this is the reason that it will be not be of great use to ones who are used to operating their traditional laptops.


Google's Hope


As detected, Google still hopes that people would love to operate a computer that updates automatically .To power this idea, it is also offering versions for education and businesses wherein auto-updates of cloud-based laptop can be captivating!


So, if you find this Chromebook interesting or find something more intriguing regarding its functionality and operation, do share with us.


By Maneet Puri


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