Google Announces For Four Changes To Make Copyright Work Better Online

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'Internet' may be a simple small word but if we go into deep, it means a lot, may be greater than what the 'World' itself is. It enfolds uncountable things into it. Internet or web which possesses more than 1 trillion different URLs or loads and loads of videos which are available in the umber equivalent to more than 35 hours of video uploaded every minute on YouTube.

In short, we can say that web is flooded with fantastic stuff that force us to think, talk about, laugh on and learn new things at every moment. Services like Google, MSN, Yahoo!, YouTube, Netflix, FaceBook, iTunes, etc., help us access all content available on the web, which none of us would have thought of 10 years back. This way the creators of these work share their knowledge with the entire world and get profit in return. All in all, this is how the whole web works.

We know that every single thing in the world has its positive as well as negative aspects associated with it. Similar is the case with Web. Undeniably, it has given a lot to us and will continue to give in the same way. But as the web has grown with time, we have observed an increasing number of issues relating infringing content. There are some people who use Internet only to infringe content.

To deal with this uncontrolled problem of infringing content, Google has said that they are improving their procedure to remove such content from its database as well as the serps, upon it was requested by the great number of people. Google also said that as the web grows over time so is the case of infringement also increasing, it will soon develop newer ways to put a control on the issue.

Google announced four changes to make its copywrite work better online that it would bring into use in coming months. These are as follows;

→ Google has said to build tools that will make the submission process to submit Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take down requests easier for rightholders, to which Google promises to respond within 24 hours or even less than that. Also, Google improvises on its “counter-notice” tools for those if their content will wrongly removed.

→ Google said that it will do its best to prevent displaying of Autocomplete suggestion for those frequent search terms that are highly being used to infringe content. Though Google said that it is really difficult to isolate the search terms that are being used to find infringing content from the rest ones.

→ Another change to be brought by Google is an improvement on its Adsense anti-piracy review where the act of Google was limited to prohibit the use of Adsense program on web pages where information used are copied from others. Google will now work with copyright owners to identify and expel violators, if found, from its Adsense program.

→ Google is known to be a big fan of genuine and authorized content and makes such content readily accessible for the users. It revealed that it will be experimenting to make authorized preview content more readily accessible and finding out ways to make such content easier to index.

Google said that it continues and will continue to further refining and improving their processes to help both copyright owners and users to provide authorized content.

By Maneet Puri


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