Facebook Enhanced With Video Calling And Group Chatting

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Hi Friends!


So how are you doing this morning?Hope good. But you'll surely feel great after I'll reveal the new features and functionality that has been added to your favorite social platform. Yes, you guessed it right. Facebook, yesterday announced three powerful changes during a press conference. A new Skype powered video chat, group texting feature and chat redesign are the cutest features that Facebook users would love to see.


This highbrow strategy has been adopted in response to the Google+ social networking service. Very Cool!


Facebook, I believe is growing Grand from Bland.


Pretty Interesting!


Video Calling

To add that panache Google has always boasted of, Facebook has partnered with Skype to allow Video calling on this popular platform. This strategic partnership between the two leaders- Social and Video will facilitate users to interact and call their friends directly from the site. Evidently, this is an effort to beat Google's new Hangout feature.


This feature will be made available as an icon in the Message Box and on the User's Profile. Users can accept or reject the incoming calls at their own will. To enjoy the video calling, participants have to wait for few weeks, sadly.


Collective Chatting

Another enthusiastic move by Facebook is the launch of Group Communication. Such a functionality will allow users to create their personalized group and ask other Facebook friends to join the group chat. Again, this is made to work just like Google+ huddles, a group platform designed for 'G' fans.


Restructuring Chat

Apart from these two intriguing features, Facebook is trying to establish a more gregarious approach through chat redesigning. Refurbishing it all together, Facebook will show a sidebar to help users know and see the friends they message the most. This side bar will show up when users will begin the group chat.


So the craze is already in the air! Check out and do share your fantastic video calling and group chatting experiences.


Stay Tuned for more,


By Maneet Puri


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