Conceptualizing maintenance while developing a website!

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Does regular maintenance take too long? Is it dependent on web engineers?



Building for Easy Maintenance


If ‘Yes’ is the answer of a website then it is very likely that productivity of the website and its webmasters is affected, as well as pace the website can deliver results is slowed down. I come across many website owners who face such issues, and in most of the cases such maintenance related bottlenecks could have easily been avoided by giving consideration to maintenance while developing the website.


Maintenance is critical and an ongoing task for owning a website. Maintenance requires dedicated work, and execution of these tasks can be made less time consuming & overwhelming for webmasters by thinking about them while developing the website.


Recently, I published a post on LinkedIn Pulse, which lists some general aspects involved in the maintenance of a website. While writing it, my mind started thinking about aspects of maintenance specific to different types of websites, and the result is this post!




 A window to sell, without any geographical boundaries! Having e-commerce platform sounds rational option to manufacturers, traders, retailers, service providers, and almost every type of business. Here are some key entities of an e-commerce website that need regular updates, and should be considered while the website is being developed: Product/Service Catalogue, Customers, Orders and Pricing. In case of websites selling tangible goods, inventory and backordering are also frequently used tools.


Social Networking and Community Websites


 Meet, interact and engage, this is how we humans are programmed to evolve since our existence. Networking & community websites are the facilitators to replicate it on the web. Management of users/members is important, so the tools developed for it should be equipped with advanced filters to quickly search members to moderate their accounts. Interaction generates content, and it’s vital to moderate it to ensure adherence with rules & terms defined by the website. This makes it vital for tools to moderate user generated contents like post, tweets, discussions, messages, chats etc., to provide an easy and quick to filter recent content additions/updates, and ready access to the tools to take moderation action.


Jobs Portal


Recruitment made easy & efficient for both employers and job seekers, is what job portals offer. Such platforms are used by many employers & job seekers, which generate frequent contents, which are mandatory to moderate to maintain a standard. Job seeker’s profiles, employer accounts, jobs and applications are some content types, which need frequent moderation in a jobs portal.


Classified Website


List, get found and then contacted, is the flow of classified websites. Growing lists are to be moderated frequently. Review & ratings system is good tool that helps classifieds to build a stand, which makes it important to regularly monitor & moderate them. The ease & intuitiveness of administrator tools to manage them is important to be considered while developing a classified website.



We generally overlook these aspects at the time of development and then invest time fixing these when website is launched or ready to go live. But, if we keep these maintenance aspects in our mind during development then it can work as a simple and inexpensive insurance policy for maintenance of the website. 


Maneet Puri

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