Can Earth Be Saved From A Near Wipe-Out?

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'Earth', Our home and also one of the most beauteous planets that we have in the solar system. Earth is blessed with numerous energy resources that have assisted humans in evolving as well as self development. Our modern economy is operating on the basis of resources that earth has offered us with time. To tell you something off the topic, I may be very much into technical know-hows and facts when it comes to blogging but, this time it's a bit different! This time it is not a topic or a subject of mere discussion, but a global issue that has outgrown it's own image to become one of the most ignored issues that we have today.


As the title suggests, our planet Earth is nearing a possible resource wipe-out, thanks to our current consumption trend. Taking a brief look at researches on resource depletion, even a layman can conclude that Earth is nearing a possible resource wipe-out, which means a future global shut down can be expected anytime soon. Non-renewable resources in the form of fuels are what keeps our economy moving and the rate at which we are consuming the same I feel a bit concerned for our forthcoming generation. Earth's regeneration capability can never be doubted but the rate of diminution has outwitted planet's capability to regenerate lost resources by approximately 30 percent. Shocked? But that's not all!


What will happen when energy sources like Oil comes near depletion?

This is considered to be one of the most intriguing questions often asked by people from experts and moreover to themselves. I have made an honest attempt here to answer this question in a satisfying and neurotic manner! My first view is that with depletion nearby, prices for limited energy sources will rise sky high and the need for perfect substitutes will also increase with time. Once these substitutes are found, then only one can expect a desired equilibrium in fuel prices. As a result, the economy will be back to normal functioning stage but the main problem lies in the fact that scalable substitutes are not easily available. This view is based on the assumption that if substitutes are not found then the prices will keep rising with time till the stage when people will no longer be able to afford the same.


Energy expenditure is not a big deal for people who belong to the elite class, who are very much above the poverty line. However, same cannot be said about people with minimum or lower wages. We should not ignore the fact that a possible rise in energy source prices can trigger price rise for common necessities like food, water, clothing and even houses. Adding to the concerns are smoke emissions and forest fires that increase the percentage of carbon content in the lower atmosphere, which leads to the depletion of Ozone layer.


What can be done?



To save non-renewable sources of energy we should start utilizing renewable sources of energy and to specify things a bit, these includes energy sources like:


  • Wind Power
  • Hydro Power
  • Geothermal Power
  • Biomass power
  • Solar Power


Yes, Earth can be saved from a wipe-out. The paradigm of current economic development is leading to higher energy consumption, which is why I prefer self-awareness as the key weapon that can protect planet earth from a sudden wipe-out. “It's never too late until and unless you consider the problem seriously”.

By Maneet Puri


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