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Smartest Strategies To Make Website Headers A Promotional Tool

Just because a website header is visible on every page of the website, therefore, it must be designed after much thought. Comprehending the purpose of your site and its relevance, a website header must compliment the content that is available on your sit

04 Mar 2011

Advantages Of PHP Scripting Language In Dynamic Website Development

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a popularly used scripting language that was basically designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. The basic set up followed into web page development using PHP is that PHP code is embedded into HTML source d

20 Jan 2011

Key Usability Web Design Points To Make Site Visitors Admire You – Part 2

When developing a website, you can save yourself a lot of problems down the road by setting reminders for usable web design to make visitors coming to your site and adore you. In this article, we will continue discussing about those points that you must s

10 Jan 2011

Key Usability Web Design Points To Make Site Visitors Admire You - Part I

Designing a perfect website needs lots of effort. No matter how beautifully the site has been designed, or how functional it has been developed, you end up hearing something wrong about your website. You experience criticism in all you have created and pr

27 Dec 2010

Common Mistakes To Avoid When It Is Your Home Page

The most crucial part of website development is requirement analysis. And this is what we do. We review clients' requirements and suggest them what will work right for them and how to put the solutions right into a website.

30 Nov 2010



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