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21 Mistakes to Avoid and Idiot-proof your Do It Yourself (DIY) Website!

Did you use or are planning to ‘wix’, ‘weebly’, squrespace, etc. to build your website? Then, idiot-proof your Do It Yourself (DIY) website against these 21 mistakes detrimental to doing business online.

08 Oct 2014

E-commerce: A Small Business Approach

Ecommerce is an online tool providing substantial benefits to small businesses via improved efficiencies and raised revenues. Read the article ‘Ecommerce-A Small Business Approach’ and learn why, what and how to behind developing an online business.

14 Apr 2014

Integrating PayPal Into An Ecommerce Portal

Intelligent features like ease of integration and economic facilities make PayPal a favorite among webmasters. This article is about how one can integrate PayPal into an ecommerce portal in order to promote trouble-free online payments.

23 Jul 2013

Why Prefer A Web Design Firm Over A Freelancer?

There is a thick line of difference between skills of a freelancer and a professional design firm. This article looks forward to explain these differences to the readers, so that they can take intelligent decisions.

05 Jul 2013

Necessity And Importance To Create User-Friendly URLs

User-friendly URL is a necessary parameter that promotes a pleasant user experience. This article deals with the importance and necessity of a user-friendly URL!

18 Jun 2013



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