Necessity And Importance To Create User-Friendly URLs

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Necessity and importance to create user-friendly URLs

When was the last time you came across a useful website with an annoying URL? Very often we come across websites with jumbled letters, weird numbers and a terrible combination of characters that are enough to confuse the visitors for their next visit. Situations like these happen a lot, especially in case of web documents that are generated dynamically. These thorny and complicated URLs not only destroy your brand reputation but also make it difficult for the search engines to rank you in an ethical format. This article will be on the importance of a user-friendly URL and why it is necessary to have one!
What Are User Friendly URLs?  
Quite opposite to the URL I mentioned above, User friendly URLs are the ones which are informative and consist of relevant keywords. First, they are very easy to remember and second, they are explanatory, which improves their relevancy in the search engine automatically.
How To Create User Friendly URLs?
Take Your Time
Creating URLs for web pages in a hurry is a common mistake that webmasters commit. Quite contrary to the belief of acting swiftly, one must devote enough time to think about the future value of the website URL.
Make It Descriptive And Consistent
Your website URL should be your content’s primary source of identity. In other words, keep the URL descriptive so that the user can understand your message and relate the URL with the content easily. To keep the URL consistent, create the directory structure first and branch out descriptive URLs afterwards. For instance, you have a blog that compliments your official website then you should be creating something like ‘’. This diverts quality attention to your official website as well.
Relevancy Through Keywords
Including relevant keywords in the URL is a healthy move from the search engine perspective. And when I say search engine, please include Yahoo and Bing tooJ. To explain things better consider the URL of a web design firm service page as ‘www.FIRM design’. The URLs and the directory structure should be short and crisp with no keyword stuffing at all.           
Modern URL Strategies
After you are done with the basic URLs for your respective website, it’s time to implement some advanced strategies like 404 handling, XML Sitemaps, 301 redirects and many more. Deployments of modern strategies like these make things much pleasant from the search engine optimization perspective.   
Wrapping It Up
After going through the conversation mentioned above, we can easily realize the value of a user-friendly URL. With time web has become much more complex and too rigid for a commoner to grasp, which is why a firm must target smooth user experience. User-friendly URLs prove to be an add-on for a firm who wishes to offer a pleasant user experience to its target users.
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