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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”- Albert Einstein


How true ‘Einstein’ was in quoting such inevitable truth, which was supposed to change man's destiny! With modernization and advancements in technology occurring at exponential rates, websites have changed the face of Commerce at an international level. Websites have lowered the entry-level barrier for small business units, who earlier on were struggling to find a perfect place for themselves. There is an old saying in the commercial arena that if an entrepreneur wishes to excel then, he has to target quality instead of quantity.


Single Page websites today are grabbing a lot of attention from existing as well as new entrepreneurs for their unique appearance and concept. The name 'Single or One Page website' says it all. A website with only one page, wherein a user can access all the information about the business backing the website by scrolls, drags, clicks and flips, that's what a Single page website is. 

Single page websites are best suited for websites wherein images have a thick edge over explanatory texts. In other words, single page websites are mostly about images rather than images and texts both like in a portfolio websites wherein a professional is able to display his skills and some of his finest works and online corporate brochures in the form of single page websites with quality images and supporting texts.

A single page website may seem interesting given the fact that internet users are always in a bid to speed up their surfing process. Owning a single page site has its own benefits such as:


  • Content is either loaded using AJAX or is already within the page, so no Page refresh.
  • Website navigation is much faster and responsive, which leads to improved user      experience.
  • Easy in terms of maintenance.
  • Web designer gets to focus on quality design instead of quantity as he has only a single page to work on.
  • Single page websites are rare and popular compared to other websites.
  • Visitors can get information within a few scrolls on the same page, so message conveyed in a much faster manner.
  • No need for instructions or directions as the website architecture is pretty clean and elementary.
  • Overall look n' feel of the website improved with the help of sleek movements.
  • Cost effective nature and minimal investment (both development & designing& maintenance) in such websites is always a motivational factor for firms.


 Here are certain SEO limitations that a single page website possesses:


 Limitation in Indexing For Search Engines

The core concept behind every search engine is the same that is they will crawl website pages individually, index them and finally rank them after processing the contents, structures and web standards of all the crawled pages. Below are the key areas that a search engine takes into consideration while defining relevance and topic of each the page (URL) they crawl: -

1) Page content
2) Page Title
3) Meta Description 
4) Image and link Alt text
5) Anchor Text

SEs (Search Engines) collects these details for every URL they crawl!


Search engines have the limitation that they cannot bind a single page/ URL with more than 3-5 keywords within their index database. After crawling single page websites, the search engines will bind it with 3-5 keywords, which is not enough to promote all services or products listed by the business on a Single Page.

Missing link backs

Link Building activities are done to promote website on the search engine and this includes exchanging links with your link partners and industry bloggers. In the link exchange process, a company who is ready to exchange links with you will be providing the link of their least important web page and in return, you will be offering them with a link to your superior web page (as yours is a single page website, which leaves you with no other option). Every time you are into a link exchange transaction, you will be much of a giver than a receiver in terms of ‘Link Juice’. 

High loading time

Since all your web pages are clubbed in a single page, the website loading time will be high when you load the website for the very first time on a server. This will reduce Google crawlers stay time on your website as the crawlers generally avoid slow loading websites.   

Going for a single page website depends totally on your objective. For professional web designers, single page portfolio website proves to be the best and a standout medium using which they are able to display some of their best works. Similarly, firms who wish to highlight their products to the target audience; the best way to do that will be in form of an online brochure. Single page websites are not a bad investment at all as they are presumed by many to be, they’re just in a different league altogether! 

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 An experienced Web Consultant, Maneet Puri is also the Managing Director of Lexolution IT Services, a professional web design company in India offering custom web development services. Maneet carries with him an infinite desire to write articles on latest web trends and blogs on upcoming technologies that have the tendency of changing humankind for good. 

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