About Us


Lexolution IT Services were conceived by childhood friends with the idea of combining their knowledge capital to create new & improved value oriented services in technology driven markets. Their long standing commitment to the idea translated in the firm’s incorporation in 2006. 


An entity founded on a shoestring investment has grown both in strength and size. We continue to explore and break new ground.  Our subsidiary Lexolution IT Services, LLC  has started servicing clients locally in the US.  We also operate a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (Lexolution KPO Services) vertical catering to data, business and knowledge process.  


As an innovation company, we are powered by our valuable human resource. Our industry experience and collective knowledge has allowed us to create some value propositions.     


We learn and grow with our clients as much as our clients learn and grow with us. We are passionate about our work and honest in our approach and expect no less from others. 



Our Secret Sauce

Leadership: Lead from the front and make way for those who dare to aspire for greatness.


Teamwork: We believe in shouldering responsibility. We find superior reasoning in collective action and directed teamwork.


Creativity: The special ingredient which makes our services and products stand tall. We are here because we believe in creating something new every day. We are here because we believe in differentiating ourselves in all manners of production, delivery and customer services. We are mad ‘perfectionists’ and match your enthusiasm if you believe in quality and not simply price.


Learn, improve, improvise and adapt: We learn from our success as much as we learn from our mistakes. We endeavor to constantly improve ourselves individually and organically as a team. We do not have all the answers when faced with a challenge but quickly improvise and adapt to match detriment with a countering strategy.


Nurturing talent: We are not new to conditioning and nurturing what requires polishing. We appreciate uniqueness encompassed in individuals and provide guidance and care to members of our organizations.  We value our human resource.


Our Goals

  • Engage with our clients to develop and deliver the best service experience
  • Emerge as a leader in web design & development
  • Create technology for humanizing user experience
  • Support green economy initiative and sustainable development

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